Laboratory Services at North Center Animal Hospital

We have the laboratory equipment to diagnose your pet and help them return back to their happy, healthy selves!

Pets are not capable of telling us how they are feeling. That is why paying attention to behavioral changes in your pets and making sure they see their veterinarian regularly are so important. You are a vital part of helping your pet combat illness and staying as healthy as possible.

At North Center Animal Hospital, we recommend annual testing in order for us to establish what a normal health baseline is for your pet. We are able to use the results of these tests to help detect changes in health or potential health issues and take the necessary steps to prevent future health problems.

If your pet is not feeling well, we at North Center Animal Hospital can use our in-house laboratory to run the necessary diagnostic work to help diagnose the problem.

If you have any questions regarding our in-house laboratory services please feel free to call us!