Our Veterinarians at North Center Animal Hospital

Dr. Joan Burkhart began her veterinary career at North Center Animal Hospital immediately upon graduation from school in 1988. The neighborhood, Lake Michigan, and the Cubs drew her to the practice. Dr. Burkhart is particularly interested in soft tissue surgery and dentistry. Although she really enjoys seeing her patients and their families for preventative care, she feels that there is nothing more gratifying than seeing a pet through a successful recovery from an illness or injury.

When she’s not at NCAH, she’s busy spending time with her two teenagers, her husband Jim, and their Labrador Ruby and cat Carmela.

 Dr. Robert Castillo grew up in the neighborhood 2 blocks east of Wrigley Field, long before the neighborhood became the Wrigleyville of today. Having no Siblings, Dr Castillo considered his big black Labrador named Claude his brother. As a young boy, Dr. Castillo learned how powerful the human animal bond is. Claude was his playmate, protector and best buddy. He had various other pets growing up as well, often times strays he couldn’t help but bring home. He always enjoyed going with Claude to visit the veterinarian and decided early on that he wanted to help animals live long, comfortable lives and to be with their owners as long as possible.


Dr. Lynn A. Heinbuch graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1977. She has been working at North Center Animal Hospital since 1979 when she moved to Chicago from Peoria to be with her husband. She is shown here with her Doberman, Hunter who is 5. She has another Doberman, Tayla who is 8, and two kitties named Kimba and Squeak who are about 5 years old. Dr. Heinbuch enjoys working with geriatric patients and especially enjoys diagnostics and internal medicine. When she is not at NCAH she enjoys spending time outside and gardening. She often brings salad freshly grown in her own garden for lunch!


Dr. Joshua Locher grew up in Amesbury, Massachusetts, a small seacoast town north of Boston. After
living out west, he and his wife have been slowly making their way to the Midwest, and are thrilled to be close to family in Glenview where his wife, Rita, spent her childhood.
Dr. Locher finds that veterinary medicine provides a perfect blend of his interest in science with his desire to help animals and serve people. Although Dr. Locher finds many aspects of veterinary medicine rewarding, he has special interest in internal medicine, oncology, and preventative medicine.