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Client satisfaction is a top priority at North Center Animal Hospital. Our staff takes great pride in providing every pet with high quality veterinary care. Our motto is treating every client like family and each pet like they are our own. We believe that testimonials from our clients speak for themselves.

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North Center Animal Hospital
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 43 reviews
by Peter L. on North Center Animal Hospital

With very knowledgeable doctors and staff they truly provide care for their patients. - From Facebook

by Sue E. on North Center Animal Hospital

Such a wonderful caring group of people. Took time to clearly explain options for treatment. -From Facebook

by Brynna S. on North Center Animal Hospital

This review is insanely overdue, but better late than never, right? In the fall of 2018, I was going to bed with my cat per usual when suddenly he gave me a weird look and proceeded to throw up off the side of the bed. He has never had much trouble and only has been sick once when he was a kitten, so when I hopped out of bed and went to see what was wrong, I was extremely concerned. His fur felt greasy, he didn't look right, and he wouldn't let me touch him. For a cat who is always attached to his momma and loves to snuggle, this was not good. We spent the night with neither of us sleeping, and he proceeded to throw up every 30 minutes or so. He was all sorts of not happy and hid from me as much as he could. I called multiple emergency vet clinics but most of them were closed. The closest one was an hour away - I couldn't have afforded that Lyft ride if I wanted to.

First thing the next morning I began calling vet offices trying desperately to get an appointment. My cat was occasionally sleeping but it was rare, and if I woke him up at all he threw up again. Panicked, I called a 6th office to find that they were full like the others, but could recommend me to North Center Animal Hospital. When I contacted NCAH and told them what was wrong they immediately tried to squeeze me in, but were full. I was dismayed and about to hang up when they promised that if I showed up in the next 45 minutes they would do their very best to get me seen. I raced into the other room, grabbed clothes, tried not to look like the zombie I felt like, and gently ushered my cat into his carrier. The fact that he didn't even argue or fight me told me a whole lot.

After I arrived, I waited for maybe 15 minutes before I was placed in a waiting room and a doctor saw me shortly after the nurse bustled in. The nurse was an absolute ray of sunshine and 100% helped me wake up a bit and brightened my otherwise dismal morning. The doctor offered me options and I told him I was willing to do whatever it took to get my cat healthy. My cat was whisked away for x-rays and bloodwork, as well as fluids. Within the next 30 minutes the results came back and he wasn't as sick as I had thought, and the doctor and I discussed (relieved that it was not pancreatitis) our moves going forward. He was treated, sent home with me, and he and I spent the day sleeping and recovering.

I have never been treated so well by a vet clinic in my life. The entire staff, from the reception area to the doctor, was exceptional. It was professional, caring, and kind. The vet's office is a bit of a haul for me, but I refuse to go elsewhere now. I immediately asked if they were accepting new clients and I'm a repeat customer now. Thanks for caring for both my cat AND me. I will be very, very sad when I have to move someday - this place is the best! -From Yelp

by Anonymous on North Center Animal Hospital

My favorite humans work here. They have my trust and ongoing appreciation for helping me be a better pet parent year after year. Jack and Clarence give five meows to NCH.♥️ - From Google +

by Bridget W. on North Center Animal Hospital

These people are always available, which is good, and they're compassionate, and good at what they do. Thank God I have them for my 3 cats! -From Google+

by Mel M. on North Center Animal Hospital

Best animal hospital I've gone to. I took my Yorkie Mix for her annual exam a few months ago and was seen by Dr.Heinbuch. All of the techs were amazing as well as everyone who works at the front desk. Dr.Heinbuch came off as a little judgy which I am completely fine with and actually appreciated. We don't need vets who sugarcoat everything, tell me what I'm doing wrong or need to do to keep my dog healthy. About a month after my dogs exam her skin became very dry with the weather change, she started shedding and I later noticed small scabs under her coat from her scratching herself. I called NCAH and they took her in the same day, I was nervous because I was going to have to drop her off and they would see her between appointments and I've never dropped her off anywhere (she's almost 5). NCAH told me it would be a few hours before I could pick her up, they called me to keep me updated on how she was doing, and I was able to pick her up way sooner than expected. For her visit, boarding, 2 prescriptions PLUS testing that had to be done on her skin and hair, I paid WAY less than I expected (roughly around $100). My pups skin cleared up in just a couple of weeks. This place is amazing and I recommend it to everyone I know. The prices are great but most of all their staff and veterinarians are amazing. Thank you Dr.Heinbuch and NCAH staff! -From Yelp

by Richard G. on North Center Animal Hospital

Great staff. So good. thanks! -From Google+

by Maria P. on North Center Animal Hospital

Took my doggo there today to establish care but also because she hasn’t been acting herself. I called this morning at 10 and got an appt for 1230. She’s getting older so I was afraid it was something awful, and I was pretty upset. The staff was so kind and gentle with her and the doc I saw was so sweet to her and did a very focused and careful exam. I didn’t tell them I’m a RN but she spoke to me very respectfully and explained things anyway and laid out a plan. Bambi is feeling a little better now that we have some meds on board but I would recommend this place to anybody :). -From Google +

by Carole C. on North Center Animal Hospital

Looking for the best vet service? Look no further it's at 1808 W. Addison! They are the very best in the care and treatment of your companion. -From Google +

by Shannon D. on North Center Animal Hospital

Dr Burkhardt and the entire staff at North Center Animal Hospital always go above and beyond. I often say that I wish my people Dr's cared as much as they do! They call and check in on even the smallest things with our dog. Dr. Burkardt is so personable and always takes the time to evaluate and answer our questions without making us feel rushed. I cannot recommend North Center enough!- From Facebook

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