Our Staff at North Center Animal Hospital


Boomer has been our house cat since 2002. He is our welcoming committee for new employees and stress relief for our current staff and doctors. The technicians have nick-named him “The Inspector” because of his habit of escaping from the office, roaming the hospital, and inspecting the premises. When he is not standing in as assistant office manager, he is definitely a premium sleeper!



Steph started at North Center when she was 16 and after 12 years still loves her job. After a few short times away for college and to explore her emergency care skills, she returned as a Purdue University graduate with a widened variety of accomplishments. She couldn’t be happier with her husband, Brandon, and she loves her German Shepherds, Bruno and Maddie, and her Shiba-Inu, Mikito (a.k.a. Monkey-Toes). Her newest addition is a pit bull mix named Earl! On her days off, she has no problem expanding her shoe collection. You can always expect to see a smile when you see her! She is the lead technician for our research studies and also has the distinction of being the go-to fix-it person on staff.


Kendra has been at North Center since 2002 and has been in the veterinary field since 1997. She is our regular jack-of-all-trades: receptionist, assistant, office manager, etc. At home, she has a cat, Atreyu, and a goldfish, Goldie, who are both 8½ years old. In her free time, she enjoys playing computer games and hanging out with her beautiful daughter. She most recently adopted a 16 year old one eyed Burmese cat named Kalani.


Gina started as a part time assistant at North Center in 2002, and in 2009 she became full time. She has a special place in her heart for black cats and currently has three, Coal (aka Coalie Bear), Joey Banana Pants and Princess Fairy Boots. She also has a Ball Python named Ziggy. Gina graduated from NEIU with a degree in Art and from Penn Foster with an Associates in Animal Science. She became a Certified Veterinary Technician as of 2014. When not at work she can be found enjoying time with her pets, friends, eating gluten free goodies, and enjoying music and movies. She is also a part time studio assistant and glass artist at Chicago Glass Collective. You can hear her laugh no matter where you are in the hospital and you cant help but laugh with her!
Grace has been an assistant for 11 years and a part of North Center since 2007. At home, she has 2 Chihuahua mixes, Princess Munchkin Baby Girrrrl and Shorty; a Pitbull mix puppy, Anakin; a Flame-point Siamese, Chicago and a Tabby named Padme. She also has a loving husband and 2 boys. Grace loves Chihuahuas and has a wonderful sense of humor. She is always ready for anything and we love her!




Janet started working at NCAH in April of 2010, and is a full time veterinary care coordinator. She has a 9 year old lemon beagle named Thrasher. She enjoys working here, and is especially fond of our beagle patients!




Felicia came to North Center in October 2010 but has worked in the animal field for over 10 years. Felicia enjoys working with animals and one day hopes to grow in the industry. She owns 2 dogs of her own, 11 year old Chilli and Honey, both Boxers, who were rescued by her at just 11 days old. When Felicia is not at work, you can catch her spending time with her daughter Ariana Elise, who was born in December 2012.




Toya originally came to us as an assistant in July of 2012 after finishing the technician program at Joliet Junior College. She took off a year to try her skills in emergency medicine, and during this time also became a certified veterinary technician. She then returned to NCAH this past July. Toya has two pet rats Nicodemus and Templeton, and cats ranging in ages from 6 months to 12 years (Roxy, Rocco, Coco, Chichi, and Cece). Most recently she added a pair of black kittens that are 6 months old. In her spare time Toya enjoys writing, playing video games and engaging in all other forms of geekery. Her favorite thing about working with animals is being able to see her efforts make a difference in an animals life. We are glad to have her back!



Carrie started at an emergency clinic 12 years ago and was hooked! She is currently studying for her veterinary technician license with Penn Foster School. Carrie was born and raised in Chicago and she vows to never leave. She lives on the Northside with her husband, Paul, and their 3 rescued furry children: Nati is a Birman mix – she is vain yet clumsy, Muffin Marie is a feisty domestic shorthair – a definite firecracker, and Shammy is a Chihuahua (and Carrie’s shadow) – she is spoiled and pampered. Carrie can’t see herself doing anything else, and neither can we!